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Easy Shopping BD: The Largest Online Fashion Shop In Bangladesh

We love #Innovating & We love to give #More

Online shopping in Bangladesh is flourishing than any time before, opening new corridor of hopes for shoppers. Easy Shopping BD is pioneer among several online shop in Bangladesh to develop dedicated product line for men’s & Women fashion. Our product development team is working 24×7 to innovate the fashion product lines in Bangladesh. Though the idea of online shop in Bangladesh is quite new, but Easy Shopping BD is already providing top notch quality services in terms of customer support, product variation & product innovation. Within short span of time, Easy Shopping BD earned title of best online shop in Bangladesh among their client base.

Through its relentless effort, Easy Shopping BD has become one of the largest e-Commerce website in Bangladesh. Although as per as eCab data there is more than 2000 e-Commerce websites in BD, the shop has been able to achieve its desired feat. It has added a new dimension as an online retail store for fashion products in a country where a rapidly growing number of internet users are thriving for a reliable and quality service. We are the first online based fashion retail store in Bangladesh to introduce dedicated fashion brand for both Men & Women named “ZED” & “laVinc”.

ZED - A dedicated Mens Fashion Brand

ZED is a dedicated lifestyle brand for Men-Fashion researched, manufactured & harnessed within our very own facility at the heart of Bangladesh in Dhaka.

La Vinc: A Dedicated Women's fashion Brand

la Vinc is a high-end & luxury fashion brand for women pioneered by artistic fashion designers & manufactured within our very own facility in Bangladesh.

“We love #Innovating

As one of the fastest growing online shop in Bangladesh, Easy Shopping BD boasts a client base of more than 35,000 people. It never gave up on its effort to establish a trustworthy brand, ensuring dynamism and reputation. To become a prominent online store in Bangladesh it takes a lot of hassles, since most of the clients are yet to be adapted to the online shopping system. Therefore, running an online shop in Bangladesh, as a whole, tends to be a difficult job, which Easy Shopping BD is accomplishing without any compromise.
Through a very easy process anyone can buy watches online or buy T-Shirts online or any other fashion accessories online very easily. Whether you are looking for watches for men, Tshirts, Formal Shirts, Sunglasses, wallet, bags, leather accessories like leather wallet, leather bags, leather covers, Formal wears like Bow tie, Neck Tie, leather suspenders, Cufflinks, Pocket Squares, Easy Shopping BD got you covered.
Here at Easy Shopping BD, we know exactly what a person thinks when he or she gets a glance of a product online. Not all products are not how they appear online and how they look physically, we don’t refute this, and some products are really like this. The good news is only Easy Shopping BD facilitates its clients with the opportunity to refuse the product if in case the product doesn’t satisfy what they were expecting. It is a huge step; indeed, we are the sole online shop in Bangladesh to have introduced this idea.

Though the shop started its journey as an online shop in Dhaka, now it is offering its services all over the country, covering 64 districts of Bangladesh. From its very beginning the store paid special attention to importing exclusive items that often Bangladeshi clients find quite hard to get online or even offline. The shop has entered a new phase of business with the introduction of two new brands of its own: ZED and La Vinc, respectively for man and woman.

“Because We Want To Give #More

The ZED brand is empowered by a fashion based product line for men. Out of its product lines, wrist watch collection is however the most prominent. Now the brand is working numerous hours & so hard in order to establishing a great mens formal wear collection. This list includes exclusive bow tie collection; official’s tie collection; and suspenders for men. Under the brand name of “ZED” Easy Shopping BD launched its very own leather goods plant & Clothing Manufacturing plant. Started by designer’s collection of leather wallets & leather bags Easy Shopping BD is expected to go full throttle in producing other leather accessories soon.

The La Vinc brand is mainly targeting the fashion product lines of women. Out of its selective product lines, the prominent categories are Hijab for women, Abaya Collection for women, Designer’s collection of women dress and other fashion accessories such as Wrist watch for women, Perfumes for women & girls, huge collection of bags for women. All the products by these two brands will be found in Easy Shopping BD retail store online.

Without any doubt a long list will appear on Google when searching for online shop in Dhaka; however, it would be hard to find one like Easy Shopping BD that offers FREE home delivery! Don’t fret if you are from the port city, as we offer the same service for our Chittagonian clientele, as well. No wonder, as an online shop in Chittagong, too, Easy Shopping BD has been able to leave its footprint.

You might be wondering: what if you are outside of these two major cities. At Easy Shopping BD we never believe in the idea of area based selling, and that is why we arrange for courier service delivery for our other clients residing outside the capital or the port city. And as before, the client will not have to bear any part of the shipping cost, we will take care of that for good. So, we can proudly call ourselves an online shop in Bangladesh with free home delivery, when others are providing the same service only in selected places.

At Easy Shopping BD - The Largest Online Fashion Shop in Bangladesh, we ensure three basic things to nurture proper E-Commerce culture in Bangladesh.

1) We Guaratee TOP NOTCH QUALITY: 

Easy Shopping BD the largest online shop in Bangladesh ensure topnotch quality of each & every product


We provide “HOME DELIVERY” within anywhere in Dhaka & Chittagong and courier delivery in other part of the countries.


With Easy Shopping BD you can expect to get 24 x 7 dedicated customer support.


Hello From Easy Shopping BD

Hello From Easy Shopping BD

This is our first blog post for our customers. And specially we want to say " Hello"...

Date : 29/ April/ 2017